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Logo design for Udon restaurant

Logo design for Udon restaurant
Logo design for Udon restaurant

Friendly yet Elegant Feel

When you think of Japanese noodles, ramen might come to your mind first. But udon noodles are no less familiar than ramen in Japan. The number of udon restaurants and shops is as large as ramen restaurants. There are some twenty-five thousand restaurants, respectively.


Introduced into Japan much earlier than ramen, udon is one of the essential cuisines for Japanese people. Udon noodles are healthy food as well, easy to digest, low in calories and fat.


We designed the logo for a small specialty shop often seen on the street corners in Japan. Its brush calligraphy style font represents the sincerity of the shop owner.


The brand name is a combination of a “fox” and “Sanuki,” a famous area for consuming udon the most in the country. It led us to create the elegant, handwritten motif that can be seen either as a foxtail or noodle strings.