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Japanese graphic design,
created by Japanese designer.

About Japanify

Welcome to Japanify. This service is spearheaded by designers who were born in Japan and grew up immersed in Japanese culture. But designing isn’t the only thing we do. Are you using Japanese correctly? Are you using the right cultural expressions? We also provide editorial services for Japanese language designs to answer these questions for you. We offer our design services at a low price to ensure they’re accessible to as many people as possible. If you’re thinking of commissioning our services, please get in touch via our inquiries form.

About Japanese

The Japanese language consists of a number of different scripts used in unison. There are the phonetic scripts, ‘katakana’ and ‘hiragana’, and an ideographic script called ‘kanji’. Languages that use a combination of phonetic and ideographic scripts are quite rare, and each script uses very different designs. Kanji characters are similar to hieroglyphs, katakana characters use a lot of straight lines, and hiragana utilizes more beautiful curvature. In short, although we broadly refer to all these scripts as ‘Japanese’, the completely different designs of kanji, hiragana, and katakana each have a very different feel. That’s what’s interesting about Japanese, and it is one of its major appeals.

What does Japanify

Design services at affordable prices

We offer our design services at low prices so that they're accessible for individuals as well as businesses. We accept commissions from clients all around the world.

Creation of logos using Japanese/kanji

We are professionals at creating logo designs using popular kanji characters. From modern designs to more traditional affairs, we design a wide variety of kanji logos. Of course, we also gladly take requests for hiragana & katakana logos too.

Packaging designs utilizing Japanese culture

Kimonos, matcha, sushi, ramen. Businesses that deal in products/services with deep ties to Japanese culture exist all around the world. And who better to come to for designs that best capture the spirit of Japan?

Editing for Japanese language designs

It can be very difficult to correctly use a foreign language. We too face that difficulty every day. If you're designing new logos or packaging in Japanese, we can check that you're using the correct language and expressions. Having reviewed all manner of designs from around the world, we know how common incorrect usage of Japanese is.