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Supervise Japanese Language/Culture Supervise Japanese Language/Culture

We can supervise
your use of Japanese language/culture in your designs

Graphic designs with correct Japanese

Japanese, and kanji in particular, is complex and diverse. Even Japanese people have to take care to avoid using it wrong sometimes. Seriously. While translation software has improved in recent years, it’s still very risky to entrust the use of Japanese in your designs to it entirely. Our Japanese designers will check your designs to make sure they use correct Japanese. You can also request that we only check the Japanese parts of your designs.

Additionally, we can also provide suggestions on how to improve the design with the correct use of Japanese. Our team of experienced designers understands the nuances of the language and can ensure that your message is accurately conveyed through the design. Whether you need help with a logo, packaging design, or advertising materials, we can help you create a visually appealing design with correct Japanese usage.

We’ll check the use of Japanese culture/religions in your designs

To give an example, it’s never desirable to find out that you used a religious symbol in your design in an insensitive manner. Mistaking China’s or Indonesia’s or another nearby Asian country’s culture for Japan’s is another common mistake we find. We will check your design from a cultural/religious perspective to make sure it’s appropriate.

This includes checking for any potential cultural appropriation or misappropriation issues. We understand that Japanese culture has become popular and trendy around the world, but it’s important to use it respectfully and accurately. Our team of Japanese designers will review your designs and advise you on any changes that should be made to ensure that they are culturally appropriate and respectful.

Work Process



we will have a consultation session to understand your design needs and objectives. We will also discuss the specific aspects of Japanese language and culture that you want to incorporate into your design.


Our team will carefully review your designs and ensure that they are appropriate for your target audience and aligned with your brand identity. We will provide feedback on the use of Japanese language and culture, including grammar, phrasing, idioms, and visual elements. We will also suggest improvements and alternatives that can help enhance the impact of your designs.

Final Approval

After incorporating our feedback and making any necessary changes to your design, we will provide a final review and approval to ensure your design meets our high standards for Japanese language and cultural appropriateness. We are committed to ensuring that your design accurately and effectively represents your brand and message to your Japanese-speaking audience.


What is the Japanese language/culture supervision service?

Our Japanese language/culture supervision service is a service where we can provide guidance and feedback on the use of Japanese language and culture in your designs. We can help ensure that your designs are culturally appropriate and effectively communicate your intended message to a Japanese audience.

Why is it important to have supervision on the use of Japanese language/culture in my designs?

Japan has a unique culture and language that can be difficult for non-native speakers to fully understand and use correctly. Incorrect use of Japanese language or cultural symbols can lead to confusion or even offense for a Japanese audience. Having supervision from a native speaker and cultural expert can help ensure that your designs are respectful and effective.

How does the supervision process work?

The supervision process starts with a consultation where we discuss your design goals and intended message. We then provide feedback on the use of Japanese language and cultural symbols in your design. We can also offer suggestions for alternative wording or symbols if needed. The supervision process can be done via email.

Who can benefit from this service?

Anyone who wants to use Japanese language or cultural symbols in their designs can benefit from this service. This includes businesses, organizations, or individuals who want to market their products or services to a Japanese audience, as well as those who want to create designs for personal or artistic purposes.

How much does the supervision service cost?

The cost of the supervision service varies depending on the scope and complexity of the project. Please contact us for a quote.

Supervise Japanese Language/Culture Supervise Japanese Language/Culture