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Hojicha package design in Japanese

Hojicha package design
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Sophisticated Combination of Calligraphy and an Image

Hojicha is a Japanese roasted green tea that originated in Kyoto a hundred years ago and has become a trend over the last five years in Japan and some other countries. Roasting reduces the bitterness from green tea leaves and gives them a distinct fragrance. Also, Hojicha contains less caffeine than other teas and coffee.


Crafting Elegance for Luxury Markets

With this design in a calm tone, we aimed a suitable package for luxury supermarkets. We put a lot of time and effort into set design and shooting, aiming for an appealing picture. A miniature winnowing basket serves as the tray for tea leaves. As to this product, they are not leaves but stems. Kaga is famous for aromatic tea made out of roasted stems.


Conveying Quality through Traditional Calligraphy

The style of calligraphy used for the product name is “Gyosho,” a semi-cursive script that creates an atmosphere of the higher grade. White letters on the black background also match the premium product.


A Symphony of Image and Typography in Packaging

The calligraphy and image work together to create a sense of luxury and refinement, making it an attractive choice for consumers looking for a premium tea experience.


Emphasizing Uniqueness in Product Presentation

The choice of a winnowing basket for the product display not only adds a traditional touch but also highlights the unique aspect of Hojicha being made from stems rather than leaves, setting it apart from other teas.


Targeting Discerning Consumers with Premium Design

This packaging design targets discerning consumers in luxury markets, blending traditional Japanese aesthetics with modern sensibilities to appeal to a global audience looking for an exceptional tea experience.



This package design is a sample.


For package design requests, please contact us using the contact form.