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Authentic-looking Japanese tea package design

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The Essence of Japanese Greenery in a Bottle Label Design

Invoking the Zen Garden: A Tapestry of Green in Design

The label on this PET bottle of green tea is a celebration of the tranquility found in Japanese Zen gardens. The verdant hues serve as the canvas, evoking the peacefulness of lush foliage. The strategic use of varying shades of green creates a layered effect that gives the impression of depth, reminiscent of looking through leaves illuminated by sunlight. The background pattern, subtle yet intricate, suggests the meticulous care of raked sand in these traditional spaces.


Kanji as Art: Embracing Cultural Typography

Central to the label’s design is the artful depiction of Kanji, serving not just as text, but as a key visual element that embodies the essence of the product. The characters for ‘green tea’ are rendered in a style that is both modern and calligraphic, bridging the gap between contemporary design and age-old tradition. The outline around the Kanji adds a touch of elegance, suggesting a premium quality product within.


Clarity and Appeal: Functional Elements in Harmony

The design incorporates functional elements with an aesthetic finesse that does not detract from the overall visual flow. The clear declaration of ‘100% Japanese tea’ in a prominent, yet tastefully integrated badge reassures the consumer of the product’s authenticity. The leaf emblem, encased within a circular icon, serves as a universal symbol for natural ingredients, a smart choice for immediate brand recognition. The English translation ‘green tea’ is positioned subtly, ensuring the product’s global appeal while maintaining its Japanese authenticity.



This package design is a sample.


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