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Package designs for a cosmetic brand

Package designs for a cosmetic brand

Elegant Expression by Hybrid Design

When designing these skincare product labels, we put importance on cleanliness and luxury.


First, we thought carefully about the typeface for the product name in kanji and picked up a “Mincho”-style font, equivalent to serif fonts of the alphabet.


Then, to enhance its light and elegant impression, we put some makeup on the kanji characters. One is ornaments like swashes and decorative curves as seen in script fonts, and another is the simulation of ink spread. These two modifications even soften the feel of the wordmark. It is a kind of hybrid of Western and Japanese esthetics.


The product name means a floral calendar, so we laid out different kinds of plants.


If you compare the artworks of the labels on three different bottles, you will notice the arrangement of graphics slightly differs depending on the size and proportion. It is the result that we kept in mind to keep proper white spaces on either layout, making the design breathe.


Additionally, we used a simple and sleek design for the background, choosing a light color to create a sense of cleanliness and freshness. The product name and other important information were placed at the center of the label, making it easily noticeable for customers.


This hybrid design approach allowed us to create a sophisticated and elegant expression for the skincare products, appealing to customers who are looking for both traditional and modern aesthetics in their skincare routine.



This package design is a sample.


For package design requests, please contact us using the contact form.