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Logo design for ramen restaurant

Logo design for ramen restaurant
Logo design for ramen restaurant

Modern Symbol for a Casual Ramen Restaurant

Ramen is now one of the popular food around the world. Ramen restaurants are easy to find everywhere. But, in some countries, ramen seems to be taken as higher-class food than in Japan. As being the birthplace, there is a wide variety of Japanese ramen restaurants or shops. Many Japanese people regard ramen as a kind of fast food.


This branding of the casual noodle restaurant uses sans-serif fonts of kanji and hiragana. Bold lines and simplicity of the illustration are combined to give a modern and stylish impression.


The restaurant is for everyday use, but the carefully selected color palette suggests the quality of its food as well.


The restaurant’s name is displayed in a simple and modern font that complements the logo. The use of both kanji and hiragana characters in the name adds an authentic Japanese touch to the design. The text is kept to a minimum to maintain a clean and uncluttered look.


Overall, this branding design for a casual ramen restaurant captures the essence of Japanese simplicity and modernity. The color palette, font choice, and logo design all work together to create a strong and memorable brand identity.



This logo design is a sample.


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