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Logo design for lunch delivery service

Logo design for lunch delivery service

A Sleek, Minimalist Logo for an Organic Bento Brand

The history of food delivery in Japan dates back to the Edo period, 300 years ago, and has long been an essential service in daily life.


This package design for the “bento” lunch box delivery service employs kanji characters using a “Mincho” style font equivalent to the Western serif typefaces. The wordmark uses a digital font, which gives a modern impression. Using only a black color expresses minimalism, which is one of the characteristics of Japanese culture.


The second character in the brand name means a garden, which inspired us to add the botanical wreath. Also, the design with leaves is to suggest to customers that the brand offers healthy, organic Japanese food.


The hand-carrying paper bags that are provided free of charge for the convenience of customers have a large logo printed on them. It shows that the logo design is clever enough to need no additional graphical elements.


This logo design is a sample.

For logo design requests, please contact us using the contact form.