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Protein package design

Protein package design

Alternative Expression of Power by Brush Calligraphy

Names of sports and arts originally from Japan contain the Japanese word “do” as in Kendo, Judo, Kyudo, Sado, and Shodo. The “do” means way. Therefore, Kendo, for instance, the martial art of Japanese fencing, can be translated as “the way of the sword.” Similarly, Judo is “the way of flexibility,” and Sado, the traditional tea ceremony, is “the way of tea.”


When you use the word “way” or “do,” the sports and arts go beyond just practicing and honing skills and techniques up to self-understanding and spiritual growth. Some say that self-discipline is key to an effective workout. Working out may have something in common with the “do” spirits.


This packaging design for protein features a kanji character that means samurai. We rendered the word with the Shodo calligraphy. The beautiful, well-balanced kanji character gives a powerful and masculine impression. Therefore, this design does well to appeal even when the audience does not understand the meaning of the kanji.


This package design is a sample.

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