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Sake package design

Sake package design

Authentic Bottle Design Made with Quality Elements

Because the labels on conventional sake bottles are so beautiful, not a few lovers collect them. On the contrary, the shapes of bottles are almost uniform until recently. But these days, many different packages are coming out in Japan. Some are modern, stylish, and even artistic. There are some amusing designs too.


To design the package for this high-grade sake brand, we made much of a premium feel. We also made it a goal to create a high-quality appearance that is suitable for gifts.


We focused on dignity in choosing the bottle shape, typeface, and color palette. With a picture of the golden wave on the background, the name of sake, drawn in an orthodox brush calligraphy style, indicates that it is the top-of-the-line product.


This package design is a sample.

For package design requests, please contact us using the contact form.