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Record cover design

Record cover design

Vinyl Artwork with Reinterpreted Cyberpunk Aesthetic

A lot of people are attracted to the Japanese traditional culture. At the same time, Japan has been an inspiration for those who are interested in cyberpunk. Dark cities illuminated with neon lights, which evoke Shibuya and Akihabara, can be found in many sci-fi anime, manga, novels, and movies.


We reinterpreted the cyberpunk and futuristic aspect of Japan to create this artwork for a vinyl record. The illustration shows a kind of retro-futuristic feel from the ’80s. The typography is plain and less decorated, simulating the design with the limited choice of fonts in the early days of DTP.


Japanify’s offering includes album artworks, inner sleeves, posters, and flyers for musicians and groups, regardless of genres, regions, or countries.


This graphic design is a sample.

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