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Package design for Ume Shigure

Package design for Ume Shigure

A Typical Japanese Expression of Simplicity

Packages are customer touchpoints, especially for e-commerce shops. They play an influential role in conveying brand messages more than brick-and-mortar stores. At the same time, to save the cost of packaging is required.


When we designed the shipping boxes for the website shop of a traditional Japanese confectionery brand, we decided to print a single-color graphic on plain cardboard for cost-saving. The minimalist design reminds the customers of the traditional Japanese “Shodo” calligraphy or India ink paintings, generating an elegant tone.


The brand name is a combination of kanji and hiragana characters. Its typeface with elegantly curved lines makes a soft impression, suggesting a gentle flavor of the sweets. Because this product “Ume Shigure” is flavored with Japanese plums, we have adorned the package with a simple picture of plum blossoms.


In Japan, plum blossoms have been a subject of art such as poetry and painting for over a thousand years. By using materials celebrated for a long time in Japanese culture, the design visualizes both tradition and modernity at a time. It brings up a positive attitude toward the brand.


This package design is a sample.

For package design requests, please contact us using the contact form.