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Logo design for a bar

Logo design for a bar

Modern, Stylish Presentation with Human Touch

There are many Japanese who like chatting over drinks. When dusk comes, you’ll see a horde of people heading down to their favorite “Izakaya,” the Japanese casual bars. For music lovers, there are karaoke bars. Or, your colleagues might prefer wine bars.


The bar for which we have created the sign is a Western-style place. Usually, at this type of bar, an experienced bartender serves a variety of cocktails. Some of them let guests enjoy different kinds of local sake too.


For this project, we chose a “Mincho”-style font to compose the kanji logo and combined it with the word “bar” using the matching serif font. The font used for the logo is elegant and intelligent. But we thought that the logo should reflect the bar’s characteristics – an authentic atmosphere with cozy comfort.


To do so, we simulated ink spread so that the logo should give an impression like hand-written calligraphy does. With this twist, it feels a sense of human warmth.


This logo design is a sample.

For logo design requests, please contact us using the contact form.