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トミナガハルキ (チーフデザイナー)
Haruki Tominaga

毛色の異なる3社でデザイナーとしての経験を積んだ後、デザイン事務所AMIXを立ち上げる。”デザインをもっと身近に”をコンセプトに掲げ、誰でも気軽にデザイン〜印刷を依頼できるサービス「ASOBO DESIGN」や、ロゴ制作サービス「LOGOLO」などを運営している。デザイン・美術系の専門学校での講師経験も持つ。大阪商工会議所 会員。(※デザイン・広告制作のご依頼は全国から受け付けています)



I stepped into the design industry as a package designer, and at the time I was engaged not only in graphic design but also structural design. After that, I gained experience in hair salon and cosmetics branding design with a company in the beauty industry. In addition, I moved on to a household goods maker, and I was in charge of not only the design production but also the planning of exhibitions and the launch of a publicity organization.
After gaining experience as a designer at three completely different companies, I established the design office AMIX. With “closer to design” as the concept, we offer various services, such as “ASOBO DESIGN,” which lets anyone easily request everything from design to printing, and “LOGOLO,” a logo production service. I also have experience as a lecturer at art and design schools.

“In design, there is no clear stock or cost as in the manufacturing industry, and pricing is largely determined by the business operator. From the point of view of someone else in the profession, pricing is due to various reasons, such as the difference in service content or the quality of the design itself. But, before requesting a design, must it not feel like a black box to the customer? With the services offered by AMIX, we work hard to try to reduce the unclear elements as much as possible so our customers can request designs with peace of mind.”





デザイン事務所”AMIX”を設立。ASOBO DESIGNをはじめとする品質×価格のベストバランスを目指したデザイン・広告制作サービスを展開中。


•Planned and designed various products for large manufacturers as a graphic designer/package designer.

•After that, moved to a beauty and cosmetics planning company and was is in charge of launching a cosmetic brand and branding for a cafe and salon.

•Furthermore, worked on media strategy, marketing, and product development publicity planning for a household goods maker.

•Established the design office, “AMIX.” With ASOBO DESIGN and other services, we offer design and advertisement production services aimed at providing the best balance of quality and price.



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