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We created a flyer design for recruiting members for a female choir.

recruiting members flyer3

This is a recruitment flyer for a women’s choir with an impactful illustration and catchphrase that will stir your heart.

A female figure drawn in blue staring with scarlet eyes. A curly-haired female figure with beautiful closed eyes and cool red lips. Both of these illustrations are of strong and beautiful women with a sense of hidden passion in their serenity. Running between the two female figures are three catchphrases that mean “Sing. By writing the same word “sing” in different kanji characters, we can feel the deep emotional expression in “song” from the flyer.

On the back, the design uses flexible ornaments to introduce the choir, its activities, and details about upcoming events.

The front of the flyer conveys the image of an overflowing passion for singing, while the back introduces specific activities and a variety of fun events. The two sides of the flyer are designed to show the two different charms of the choir.

recruiting members flyer

recruiting members flyer2


The delicate touch, the blurring of colors, and the unique use of colors emit a strong force that makes you look at the picture alone. In addition, the phrase “sing” is made even more powerful by changing the Chinese characters and placing three of them in a row. You can’t help but be drawn in by the gaze of the woman staring straight at you. Some people may feel as if two women are suddenly talking to them, telling them to sing. Even though it is a flyer, it feels dramatic, like a movie poster. The emotionally rich design fits perfectly with the theme of “song,” which is about expressing emotions through the voice.

Once you see the strong power of expression, you may feel compelled to express something yourself. It makes you want to sing out loud, match your body to the rhythm, and put your thoughts to the melody. The reverse side calmly introduces the women’s choir and announces events. Unlike the chic front side, the back side features a heart mark in the text and “pancake party,” points that women will like. While the elegant decorations keep the atmosphere of the surface intact, the photos of the group members getting along are included to create a fun atmosphere. The idea is to make people want to participate willingly.