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AMIX Design Studio

AMIX Design Studio offers a variety of services related to advertising design. We provide a wide range of services to meet your needs and objectives, from print media such as flyers, posters, and pamphlets to video editing and logo design for branding.


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Ad design impresses the audience

One of the most typical powers of ad design is that it creates an emotional response. Even if an advertisement is mechanically written with the necessary information, only the people who are originally interested in it will read it. However, a well-designed one has the power to capture the feelings of many people with its visual impact at first glance and make them want to learn more. This works well for more than just artistic ad design, and can be effective in attracting attention when announcing an opening or holding a major event at a store. People who are impressed by an ad tend to feel good about the company launching the ad design, so launching a focused ad design is a good way to make a good first impression and enhance a company’s image.


Ad design brings benefits to clients

When you create an ad, you expect the ad design to have some kind of effect on the people who see it, such as increasing the ability to attract customers and increase their willingness to buy. When people see an ad that moves them, they become interested in the service, event, or product and try to learn more about it. In other words, ad design has the potential to not only attract new customers, but also increase profits through increased purchase intent. In order to maximize these effects, a well thought out design and structure is needed. Conversely, if you send out the same information with an unimpressive ad design, you risk being perceived with disgust or losing interest in the subject matter as well. Companies that have been creating ad designs mechanically need to consider the effectiveness of their previous advertisements and rethink their design and ad production plans to attract more customers.


Ad design encourages action

Advertising has the power to make people take action. Repeatedly disseminating information through the medium of advertising will not only make people more familiar with the subject matter, but it will also make them more willing to buy. In addition, if a customer is not sure whether to buy the product or not, there are cases in which the ad makes them take action. For companies that don’t advertise at all or only offer monotonous ads and companies that offer attractive ad designs, it is still the image of the ad design that encourages them to take action when they are unsure about both. All of this shows that when sales and other factors are sluggish, it can be useful to reconsider the content of your ad design.

Rapid Designing

We offer a one-stop service for posters, flyers, pamphlets, etc., from design to printing and delivery. We deliver designs quickly.


Services with Value

We always keep in mind the best balance between quality and price. “Cheap and poor quality” services are not ours. We deliver designs of satisfying quality.


One-stop Service

We offer a wide range of services from graphics, packaging, logos to videos, which means you can count on us for comprehensive design.