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We created a poster design for the Hanami Tea Party.

Tea Party poster2

A poster design for a cherry blossom viewing tea party designed in a soft Japanese atmosphere.

A teacup and teapot with cherry blossoms placed on a cloth with a small flower pattern. The elegant atmosphere of a spring tea ceremony can be felt through the poster.

The title is written in large, vertical letters, and information about the date, time, location, and price is provided in the space above the photo next to the title. In the space above the photo, an illustration of cherry blossoms is placed in a vague haze, as if the petals are dancing from above.

The name, location, and contact information of the temple are placed at the bottom, and the phone number is especially large so that people who are interested in the tea ceremony can easily contact the temple. The background of the text is a silhouette of cherry blossom trees to convey the image of the temple grounds.

Tea Party poster 3 


The pale pink of this poster design beautifully accentuates the white tea utensils and the green tea peeking out slightly. The pink is not applied only in color, but is scattered in a cherry blossom pattern to create a gentle atmosphere. The purpose of the event is clearly conveyed by placing the title and the name of the temple in large vertical brush strokes.