Product label design for protein.


The label design for the supplement bottle was designed to depict protein being transported through the body.

Protein is an essential ingredient for building a strong body and muscles, and is a familiar supplement for those who play sports. Since it is often used for muscle building, its packaging is often in strong colors and tones, but recently it has been used by women for dieting and by many female athletes, so we designed the label to be softer and gentler than the traditional image of protein.

Product label design for proteinA number of lines are drawn at the top and bottom of the sash, and a light blue circle drifts between them. The image of muscle fiber and protein is deformed to show how the ingested protein is absorbed into the muscle. We tried to create a package in pink and blue that is easy for women to pick up.



*The design mockups and examples are for reference only. Please note that the actual design may be different from the finished product or application example.

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