Product label design for sanitized cleaning wet paper.

Product label design for sanitized cleaning wet paper

This is a special wet paper label design for use in the medical field.

A no-effect lighting is a special type of lighting used in operating rooms and medical clinics, and since it is used in the medical field, the cleaning and management of it must be taken very seriously. This product is a wet paper for sanitizing and cleaning only for such shadowless lamps.

Product label design for sanitized cleaning wet paper2
Images of the ingredients of the product are created and placed in the background. The strange image of a spherical water surface, which looks like a stream of water washing away dirt, serves as a visual to evoke the powerful and special cleaning power of the product.

The entire label is made up of clean white and blue, and the names of active ingredients and their content are accented with orange to make them stand out.



*The design mockups and examples are for reference only. Please note that the actual design may be different from the finished product or application example.

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