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We created a promotional flyer design for a movie that conveys the outline.


This is a promotional flyer design for a movie that conveys the appeal of the film in a manga-like style.

The front of the flyer is an image cut that symbolically represents the work, showing a girl walking through an alley lined with old cultural houses. The catch copy, the title, and the credits of the staff and cast line up to form the face of the film.

On the reverse side, a mysterious cut of a young girl and a laborer-like man with no expression on their faces is used to convey the content and world view of the film with a copy of the film’s outline. The expressionless faces of the man and woman in response to the catchphrase, “We’re having fun,” are striking. This sense of discomfort tells us all about the film’s comical humanistic drama.

Underneath the image cuts are a number of famous scenes taken from the film, and speech balloons are used to recreate some of the dialogue. The unique characters are presented in a manga-like manner to stimulate interest in the film.


The photo, which looked like it was taken from a scene in a movie, looked lonely, and I imagined it would be a touching story centered on a young girl. However, the back side of this flyer is quite interesting. Unlike the nostalgic impression I had on the front, the back of the flyer shows a girl with rich expressions and various characters. The speech balloons make you feel as if you are reading a manga, and as you read it, you feel as if you are being invited into the world of the movie.

As the word “new sensation” suggests, I was curious to see if there was something new in this movie. On the front, it looks like a serious movie poster that makes the viewer imagine. On the back, it gives an amusing impression that betrays the viewer’s imagination in a good way. The gap between the front and back of the flyer is one of the advantages of the flyer. Because of its playful design, it could also be used as a way to invite someone to the movie by giving it to them. The director’s name and comments from other famous directors are used effectively as if to guarantee the content of the movie.