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We created a flyer design for recruiting lifesaver volunteers.

recruiting lifesaver flyer

This is a bright and refreshing lifesaver recruitment flyer design.

It features a large photo of lifesavers at work on the beach, and is decorated with a symbolic lifesaver float. The entire paper is surrounded by the same dark orange as the lifesavers, creating an image of a bright and refreshing summer atmosphere.

The title, a call for applications, is placed in large letters in dark blue, the complementary color to orange, and is designed to catch the eye along with photos of the lifesavers.

Photos of lifesavers in training and activities are circled in the center to convey the atmosphere of the field to those who are interested. Underneath the photos is a fresh image of bright green, clearly stating that no experience is necessary and encouraging people to apply.

The application process is limited to the website and e-mail, and a QR code is provided for easy access.

recruiting lifesaver flyer2


This flyer design prominently features a group photo of smiling lifesavers with the ocean in the background, as well as the call for applications in large letters. The group photo, looking at the camera, looks like they are smiling at you and will make you stop in your tracks. The large, tilted letters give the illusion that people are calling out to you. The edge of the entire flyer is bold and surrounded by thick orange, which makes it stand out strongly. The bright and warm colors give a sense of vitality. It also goes well with the yellow and red clothes worn by the lifesavers, and I think it adds to the impact.