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We created a flyer design for a company information session that gives a sense of Japanese technology.

company flyer 2

This is a high-impact corporate flyer design that embodies the company’s philosophy.

The word “和” is written in vivid vermillion with a brush. In the background, a black circle looks as if it has been painted with India ink, and the three colors of black, red, and white create a “Japanese” atmosphere in this company brochure flyer.

The issuing company is a well-established industrial manufacturer that has been in business for over 50 years and has been transmitting its excellent industrial technology full of ideas throughout Japan and to the world. The company’s strong spirit to push forward with Japanese technology and spirit because it transmits its ideas to the world is concentrated in the single word “和” and expressed in a powerful visual.

The supple expression next to the word “和”, as if a cloth were fluttering, can be taken as an expression of harmony with a sense of materiality, like the cloth of a Japanese kimono, and at the same time, as a symbol of advanced technology cultivated through high technology.

This is a simple yet powerful recruitment flyer that conveys a straightforward message to the next generation of human resources in a Japanese atmosphere.

company flyer 


A circle pattern drawn in black ink on a vermilion background, with a large “和” written in white brushstrokes. This is a flyer design with a strong impact that everyone can feel the image of Japan. The vermilion color of the background is gradated by computer graphics while giving a sense of old-fashioned style. The beautiful colors give the illusion of seeing the world change from deep red to vivid orange. The shimmering cloth-like light seemed to depict the future of the world as it flutters across the globe. I could sense the strength of the company to take on the challenge of a wider world while inheriting the unique Japanese technology and spirit.

The details of the company information session were surprisingly small, and I was surprised that they were written in white letters so as not to ruin the overall image. The ability to make the catchphrase stand out more than the company name may be an expression of a long-established manufacturer. The expression of confidence and the strong message will surely reach the people who have dreams. While appearing to be abstract, it may have a clear target audience. This is a flyer design that is likely to attract people who are proud of Japan’s technological prowess and who want to see a bright future.