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Flyer design for an event on emergency medicine for medical interns.

emergency event flyer

This flyer design guides you through a highly specialized event on the topic of emergency medicine.

The main color of the flyer is dark blue. The main color is dark blue, which is often seen on medical staff uniforms, and the title is designed around it.

The event title, which is reminiscent of the Expo that will be held five years from now, is clearly and simply designed in bold sans-serif type, and graphics with a medical image are scattered in the space beside it. The dark blue is complemented by orange, which is used effectively in areas that need to stand out, such as the date, time, location, and program heading.

The reverse side of the flyer is printed in a subdued black color and provides more detailed information for those who are considering participating in the event, including the purpose of the event and specific information about the event program.

emergency event flyer 2

emergency event flyer3


I thought the flyer design used the right balance of dark blue and orange by narrowing down the number of colors. The dark blue is used in a moderate way to give the impression of a medical event. The title and the bottom of the flyer are large enough to draw the eye. The combination of white and dark blue gives an honest impression by placing it on a white base that represents the image of medical care. I thought the color scheme fit well with the purpose of the event. In addition, the use of orange as a small accent creates a rhythm in the flyer and makes it easier to read. By making the date, time, and location of the event, which are essential for event announcements, stand out, the necessary information seems to come to light naturally.

By showing a lot of white and a moderate amount of strong colors and pop colors, I think we have successfully captured the fresh target audience of “initial medical residents. The back side uses only black to convey more details and important information. The target audience for the flyer is clear, so the flyer can be read thoroughly without the use of colors. The flyer design conveys the richness and appeal of the event by providing plenty of information while making it easy to read through the layout.