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Things you should put together in-house before outsourcing ad design to a design company


When outsourcing advertising design, there are some things that should be put together in-house beforehand, rather than outsourcing out of the blue.

Although it is possible to leave everything to a single person in charge, it is not uncommon to have a dispute near the completion of the project unless certain matters are finalized within the company in advance.

Avoid leaving everything to the design company

When outsourcing advertising design to a design company, it is important to have a brief idea of what kind of image you want to create, and even if you leave it to the designer, it is important to have a certain amount of the image in mind.

The designer will create a design that matches the target or product you want to advertise, but basically, the designer will respect the will of the person placing the order and then create a design that he/she thinks is the best.

The person placing the order needs to have some idea of the concept, such as whether he or she wants a bright or calm atmosphere, so it is necessary to discuss this within the company and decide on a direction.

If the image of the people within the company and the finished product are too far apart, it may be impossible to make good use of the advertisement that has been created.

The finished ad design is the starting point

The finished advertisement is not the goal; it is the beginning of the advertising process. If you do not discuss in advance what kind of advertisement you will create within your company, you will have a hard time after the advertisement is completed.

It is also important to summarize in advance how the advertising design will be utilized. If we can discuss how the design will be used, it will naturally become easier to get an idea of the design that is required. It is also a good idea to discuss and decide how the advertisement will be utilized.

Advertisements are like company signs and affect all employees. It is important to summarize at least the minimum information so that it can be understood in advance.



Putting together an ad design in-house is an important step to success. Before outsourcing to a design firm, discuss the ad’s objectives, target audience, concept, and brand identity internally to determine direction. It is also important to discuss how the ad will be used. This will help clarify the image of the design required and generate ideas for utilizing the finished advertisement.

Even when hiring a design firm, it is important to share the image compiled within the company. The designer will create the design with respect to the client’s wishes, but if the direction of the design is communicated to the company, it is more likely that the designer will propose a more appropriate design.

The finished ad design is not the goal, but the starting point for advertising. It is important to discuss the finished advertisement in advance within the company in order to make the most of it. The advertisement is like a company sign and affects all employees. Sharing this information within the company will clarify the purpose of the advertisement and will lead to its success.