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Is the design good or bad, fashionable or not?


If you look around you, you will see designs all around you, whether it is a company name or a store name, whether it is a company, fashion, or interior design. In addition to names, brochures for schools, universities, hospitals, etc. also have various designs. Marks on restrooms, elevators, emergency exits, etc. can also be considered designs.

So what is design?

In some cases, clarity is the highest priority

It depends on what is being used, but when it comes to marks, it is best if they can be instantly understood and judged by humans. It should be simple and coherent. Therefore, the mark should be a silhouette without details, and the number of colors should be reduced.

Since the most important thing is to be easy to understand, it is sometimes better to be tacky (or perceived as tacky by many people) rather than fashionable. For example, a warning letter for a construction site would be better if the design does not blend in with the surroundings.

Typeface, Decoration, and Color

The design of a company or store logo can have a very different image depending on the typeface. Depending on the design, a Mincho typeface will give a solid image, while a Gothic typeface will give a pop and bright image. Brush strokes give a strong and harmonious image.

In addition to letters, the concept of the company or store can be expressed abstractly, characters can be used, the letters themselves can be varied in size (large, medium, small, small), or the logo can be surrounded by shapes to create an emblem logo… It is important that the logo is in line with the atmosphere and theme of the company or store where it will be used.

The choice of color is also very important. Green evokes images of calmness, health, and nature, and is ideal for companies and stores that deal in healthy foods, natural materials, and relaxing cafes. Yellow and red are pop and bright, evoking images for children and family gatherings. Blue is often used as a logo for company names, hospitals, and detergent packages because of its calmness, reliability, and cleanliness.

In this way, a good design is a combination of shape, silhouette, typeface, and color to create an image in accordance with a theme. The impact on people’s memory is also important, so it is not necessarily better to have a stylish design.