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Why simple logo design is popular?


Logo design is very important because it embodies the characteristics and image of the brand. In general, simplicity tends to be preferred in logo design, but what are the reasons for this?


Simple logos are easy to remember


One of the main reasons why simple logo designs are preferred is that they are easy to remember. When you see a complex logo, it can be difficult to remember all the elements. However, a simple logo is relatively easy for even a child to remember. This is because there are few elements to remember.


Simple logos are easy to operate


Simple logo designs are also popular because they are easy to use. A complex logo can be difficult to use correctly under certain conditions. However, a simple logo is much easier to use. Even if it is smaller or uses fewer colors, the original characteristics of the logo are not lost.


Simple logos are easy to leave a lasting impression


A simple logo design has the advantage of being easy to catch people’s attention. The shape of the logo can be recognized at a glance, so it tends to catch the eye more easily. A simple logo design can be a big plus if you want people to become more familiar with or interested in your brand.

A complex design can make a big impact, but it can also be hard to remember and forgotten after the first glance.


Simple logos can be timeless


Simple logo designs are timeless and can stand the test of time. A complex, trend-setting logo may look outdated in a short period of time.

Simplicity also means that the message or image you want to convey is well focused. It conveys an image that is easy to understand and appeals to the most important message. This is the major advantage of a simple logo design.


Also useful for global expansion


Another reason why simple logo designs are preferred is that they are more likely to be accepted worldwide. Simple designs are easier to communicate across languages and cultures, making it easier to expand into global markets. Also, while complex logo designs can be difficult to reproduce in some media, such as printing or embroidery, simple logo designs are more easily reproduced, making it easier to maintain brand identity.

However, creating a simple logo design is not an easy task. It requires a designer’s taste and skill to create a simple yet attractive and compelling design. Simple designs also require attention to small details such as margins and fonts.

It is important to note that a simple logo design does not necessarily suit every brand. It is important to tailor the design to the brand’s characteristics and purpose. Pursuing simplicity can make it difficult to convey the message or image you originally wanted to convey. It is important to consider the best logo design for your brand.