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We use design to help businesses and brands.

AMIX design studio has been working on various initiatives to provide our clients with quality and low cost services that are above and beyond the price. Design can be a great asset in advertising and publicity if it is used well. Although it is often thought that only large companies use it, we want to show you that in fact, individuals and small businesses can benefit in many ways by incorporating ad design into their advertising. It is very easy to use, so if you are considering a new ad design, we would be happy to hear from you.



“Making design more accessible.”

Design pricing varies widely from one business to another. The reason for this is because of the difference of the service, the quality of the design, etc. However, before you order the design, you may feel it is a black box. We strive to reduce those ambiguous elements so that you can feel comfortable with your design.

About AMIX

Business Outline

Location : 1-13-2, Kyomachibori, Osaka Shi Nishi Ku, Osaka Fu, 550-0003, Japan

Legal advisory firm : Verybest Law Offices / Xymax Bld., 1-1-5, Dojima, Osaka Shi Kita Ku, Osaka Fu, 530-0003, Japan

Main business : Paper design and printing / Logo design / Package design / Video editing / Image processing and more



Anyone. Anytime. Anywhere.


Printing & Design

We design and print flyers, posters, pamphlets, business cards and other print advertisements. We support a wide range of advertising for individuals, small businesses and events, as well as large scale sales promotion activities with large lot sizes.

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Video Editing

We offer video editing for trade shows and corporate presentations, as well as video advertising and digital signage design. We are able to meet the growing need for video advertising and promotion at affordable prices.

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Package Design

We design packaging and labels for a variety of products. We design packaging for a wide range of industries, from paper products to film products, regardless of material.

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Our staff members

Designers and Creative Staff
トミナガハルキ – Haruki Tominaga

トミナガハルキ – Haruki Tominaga

デザイン事務所AMIX 代表 / デザイナー (Founder / Designer)


While working as a designer at AMIX design office, he managed the services operated by AMIX. After working for a print and package design company, a cosmetology and beauty company, and a manufacturer in design and public relations, he became independent. Engaged in mainly graphic design as well as web and video production.

・著書 「#ズボラPhotoshop 知識いらずの絶品3分デザイン」(株式会社インプレス)
・選出 Adobe Creative Residency (2020)

ナルミコトミ – Kotomi Narumi

ナルミコトミ – Kotomi Narumi

デザイナー (Designer)


After studying fashion at a vocational school, she started her career as a graphic designer and has been involved in a wide range of designs from web banners to flyers, brochures and product packaging. She is able to create genre-less designs that match the colors of her clients.

コットン – Cotton

コットン – Cotton

ライター / デザイナー (Writer / Designer)


After graduating from Doshisha Women’s College of Liberal Arts, she gained experience in advertising design at an apparel company before becoming a graphic designer. Her specialty is creating beautiful and cute designs that make the most of her flexibility. She has designed various catalogs, CD jackets and packages. As a content writer, she is in charge of creating articles for the website run by AMIX.

In addition, our cooperating staff and outside staff are in charge of design production.